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Since we have been streaming worship on Facebook, we have learned a lot. Throughout the weeks we have made changes based on feedback and in response to both changing technology availability and our continued working relationship with Bridgeway. Although these things presented challenges at the time, we believe they have allowed us to continue to improve the services.

Recording the pianist I'd like to share with you what has happened behind the scenes, where we are now, and what we anticipate for the near future.

The 1st Sunday of streaming took place just two days after the decision to cancel live worship. We only had 4 people (Soo Jin (pianist), Kris (pastor), John Pierce (LL) and me (camera, PowerPoint and Bell) present.

Lay Leader and Pastor during Easter Service After learning of the limitation of 4, the following week we added Ellen (PowerPoint), Steve (Lay Leader) and John remained (Bell). This core group stayed intact with only the Lay Leader changing (Lisa W, Nancy K, Marty).

With Bridgeway's help and technology, and given the continuing concerns about COVID-19, and the exposure of members, we adjusted our process again. We are now pre-recording the services.

And in case you were wondering, we did pre-record some of the sermons and scripture before Easter, which is was before we purchased the new background screen, which is larger than the previous one.

D. supervising camera during recording On Friday, April 17th, we had shifts of people coming in ₀ we started with Steve Van Eman recording his Lay Leader part for April 26th, followed by the Middletons, who recorded the Lay Leader parts for May 3rd & 10th. Then Soo Jin and Marty came in to pre-record the Hymns. Marty left and Soo Jin stayed to record the Preludes and Postludes. I was at the computer most of the time and while Kris made sure we stayed on track.

The Liturgy Teams for these Sundays and their PowerPoint creators really stepped up to help us achieve this on short notice. Thank you so much!

Lights, equipment, and worship elder set up to put virtual service on Facebook Kris has been editing the services starting with the April 19th service.

We now only have 2 of us there on Sunday morning. Kris does the live introduction while I am at the computer.

We do not yet have a timeframe for resuming in-person worship, so will continue to plan live-streamed services.

Blessings to you as we continue on this new path.


D., Worship & Worship Elder


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