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Hear the Word! 2017 Services

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Date Sermon and Music
10/15/17 Sermon for 10/15 "Invited to Partake"

Anthem for 10/15 "Let the People Praise"

Postlude for 10/15

6/25/17 Prelude for 6/25

Choral Introit for 6/25

Sermon for 6/25 "Journeying Out of Our Wreck and Towards God's Reckoning"

Special Music for 6/25 "I'll Fly Away"

An introduction...

...Honoring our Armed Services Personnel

Postlude for 6/25


6/18/17 Prelude for 6/18

Sermon for 6/18 "Be Still and Know"

Offertory for 6/18 "Softly and Tenderly"

Postlude for 6/18

6/11/17 Prelude for 6/11

Sermon for 6/11 "The Trinity, A Mysteriously Revealed Mystery"

Anthem for 6/11 "Hallelujah, Praise Jehovah"

A little music appreciation for 6/11 Calvin loves Haerim!

Postlude for 6/11

5/21/17 Prelude for 5/21

Anthem for 5/21 "Offertory"

Sermon for 5/21 "God is Too Big Not to Be Noticed"

Postlude for 5/21

5/14/17 Prelude for 5/14

Sermon for 5/14 "The Church Shining Bright, Even in the Darkest Times"

Anthem for 5/14 "Jesus Savior, Pilot Me"

Postlude for 5/14

5/7/17 Prelude for 5/7

Sermon for 5/7 "Applied Growth"

Anthem for 5/7 "Amen, So Be It!"

Postlude for 5/7

4/30/17 Prelude for 4/30

Sermon for 4/30 "And That's What It's All About"

Anthem for 4/30 "God So Loved the World"

Postlude for 4/30

4/23/17 Prelude for 4/23

Introit for 4/23

Sermon for 4/23 "Doubt vs. Faith - Not Seeing but Still Believing" - D. Marie Pierce

Anthem for 4/23 "Hush Now"

Postlude for 4/23


Prelude for 4/16

Introit for 4/16

Sermon for 4/16 "Fear Not, It's Going to Be OK, and That's Awesome"

Anthem for 4/16 "The Stone is Rolled Away"

Offertory for 4/16

The Lord's Prayer for 4/16

Postlude for 4/16

Maundy Thursday

Prelude for 4/13

Introit for 4/13

Sermon for 4/13 "Jesus is Taken Down From the Cross"

Anthem for 4/13 "Where are the Shepherds?"

Postlude for 4/13

Palm Sunday

Prelude for 4/9

The Shadow of the Cross

Offertory for 4/9

Postlude for 4/9

4/2/17 Prelude for 4/2

Sermon for 4/2 "While Choosing Life, Jesus Faced and Conquered Death"

Anthem for 4/2 "In Remembrance of Me"

Postlude for 4/2


3/26/17 Prelude for 3/26

Drama for 3/26 A monologue by James

Sermon for 3/26 "Letting Go as the Road to the Cross Reaches its End"

Anthem for 3/26 "Anthem for Lent"

Offertory with Invitation to Communion

Postlude for 3/26 (during communion)


3/19/17 Prelude for 3/19

Introit for 3/19 "Rejected and Despised"

Sermon for 3/19 "The Depth of Our Sorrow and the Power of the Cross"

Anthem for 3/19 "Calvary"

Offertory with Invitation to Communion

Postlude for 3/19 (during communion)


3/12/17 Prelude for 3/12

Anthem for 3/12 "Come as a Child"

Sermon for 3/12 "Receiving Compassion on the Trail of the Cross"

Offertory with Invitation to Communion

Postlude for 3/12


3/5/17 Prelude for 3/5

Sermon for 3/5 "The Burden Carried By Jesus"

Anthem for 3/5 "Cast Thy Burdens Upon the Lord"

Offertory for 3/5

Postlude for 3/5


3/1/17 Ash Wednesday Prelude for 3/1

Brief Explanation of Worship

Reading: Psalm 51

Homily for 3/1 "We Begin to Walk the Stations: Jesus' Walk Begins, So Does Ours"

Anthem for 3/1 "Divided Our Pathways"

Blessing for 3/1


2/26/17 Prelude for 2/26

Sermon for 2/26 "Mystery Matters"

Anthem for 2/26 "We Have Seen His Glory"

Offertory for 2/26

Postlude for 2/26

2/19/17 Prelude for 2/19

Sermon for 2/19 "Visitors Welcome, Builders Needed"

Anthem for 2/19 "We'll Be There!"

Offertory for 2/19

Postlude for 2/19

2/12/17 Prelude for 2/12

Sermon for 2/12 "God's Servants Working Together"

Anthem for 2/12 "Lord, Make Us Worthy"

Offertory for 2/12

Postlude for 2/12

2/5/17 Prelude for 2/5

Sermon for 2/5 "Are You a Thermometer or a Thermostat?"

Anthem for 2/5 "You Are the Salt of the Earth"

Postlude for 2/5

1/29/17 Prelude for 1/29

Sermon for 1/29 "Can We Get an Amen for Jesus"

Anthem for 1/29 "The Beatitudes"

Postlude for 1/29

1/22/17 Prelude for 1/22

Introit for 1/22

Sermon for 1/22 "Voices in the Wilderness: Musings from a universal and vibrant faith" - Dr. Edie Morris

Anthem for 1/22 "Calon Lān"

Postlude for 1/22

1/15/17 Prelude for 1/15

Sermon for 1/15 (part 1) "Here is the Lamb of God" pt 1 - D. Marie Pierce

Anthem for 1/15 "You Are My All in All"

Sermon for 1/15 (part 2) "Here is the Lamb of God" pt 2 - D. Marie Pierce

Postlude for 1/15


1/8/17 Prelude for 1/8

Sermon for 1/8 "The Lavishness of God's Gift of Grace"

Anthem for 1/8 "Amazing Grace"

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