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The mission of Calvin Presbyterian Church is to bring glory to God in our worship and in our outreach, by opening our hearts and our lives to the guidance of God's Word and the Holy Spirit.

We try to fulfill that mission through …

  1. Liturgy Teams working to bring the Word of the Lord to our congregation.
  2. Supporting long time partners like IPM and SEM.
  3. Service to Sauls Homeless Shelter. Box of food
  4. Transformation 2.0, visiting nursing homes, reading with school children, this has become a wonderful new ministry for Calvin.
  5. Using our Kroger funds to sponsor Sarai and help give her a better life.
  6. Local folks coming directly to Calvin for a hand up and advice from pastor Ed.
  7. We support 3 special Presbytery offerings generously every year.
  8. We support Mathew 25, Haiti and House of Peace, again, with our money

Yep! Calvin not only talks the talk but also walks the walk. Looking forward to our new year.

World Vision Global 6K for Water

World Vision Global 6K 'postcard' We will be hosting a World Vision Global 6K for Water event on May 6, 2017. Click picture for registration page. Team members and sponsors are needed. Members and non-members are invited to participate.


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