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It's time again for our World Vision 6K Walk for Water on Saturday, May 16th. As of today, we are still scheduled to walk on the 16th but as we have seen in recent times things can be rescheduled to later dates. Of course, I will keep our Calvin members updated.

World Vision 6K Walk for Water picture To sign up this year all you need to do is click on Join Our Team at the bottom of this message, it should take you right to the Calvin Walkers rooster page where you can sign up to walk (Join Our Team) or to donate (Support Us).

If you think we are having a hard time with this Covid19 virus think about the people who have more to worry about like getting clean water for daily life. Please either walk with us or support our team through your donations. As always thank you for your support of the poorest people in our world.

In Christ,

Mark Williams


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