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Mission at Calvin rolls on. THANK YOU, Calvin, for your donations to the Peace Offering, we collected $610 and $203 stays with Calvin for its mission that is the House Of Peace, plus there was another $100 donated specifically for the House of Peace. Shortly we will be collecting for our third joint offering with the National Presbytery, the Joy Offering that goes toward retired clergy along with future clergy.

Plaque at James E. Sauls Center The leaders of our Sauls Mission, Kay and Mary Lou, will be working to bolster our congregational support both cooking and serving. If you're interested, please get with either one of them. Thank you, Ken, for providing such a feast of roast chicken and stuffing. We had green beans, salad, and Bob's special treat of drumstick ice cream. One of the ladies there said it was the first time in years she had ice cream.

Sari (our World Vision child) + Sauls (dinner at homeless shelter) = Kroger Community Fund. Yes, we still need to continue working to enlist our friends and family - signing them up at no expense to anyone - just rewards for our mission at Calvin.

Our Transition 2.0 Team is still visiting nursing homes and visiting schools. We will be providing cookies with a message to Merwin Elementary this quarter.

The Mission Committee is considering signing up for the Cincinnati Presbytery's Matthew 25 Ministries program, not to be confused with the Matthew 25 we all know and contribute to here in Cincinnati. This is a new effort for our Presbytery to be further involved in our Cincinnati community. To check it out go to this link;


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