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Haiti Orphanage Grant Application Sent

In October, 2008, approximately 120 children were moved from the orphanage in the city of Port-de-Paix, Haiti, to a rural, safer, larger orphanage in Salines Mayette.  The children are enjoying their new location but need to have a convenient water supply and a shower house.  At present, their water is being transported by donkey train from a stream which is a two-hour daily round trip.  The water is then filtered for drinking and cooking purposes.  In addition, the exterior of the buildings is unfinished and exposed to the weather.

Presbyterian Women each year offers funding for both national and international projects of $5000--$50,000 each.  When the president of the Cincinnati chapter of Presbyterian Women alerted Kay Horning of this opportunity, she felt as if God had “dropped the opportunity into her lap.”  Through much help from the Special Forces committee of the NW Haiti Christian Mission and its director, she has been able to follow all the guidelines for the grant application and sent it to Louisville in time to meet the deadline of Sept. 15th.  It meant getting a letter of endorsement from Presbytery, a letter from an indigenous church in Haiti, a letter from Calvin’s Session, and a financial budget to explain the costs involved.

Now the Review Committee will have to study all of the grants which they have received and will notify the recipients of funding in February.  Last year Presbyterian Women awarded funding to three places in Haiti which is encouraging.  Since the Cincinnati chapter of Presbyterian Women has not been granted funding for many years, it is exciting that Calvin is behind this request.

 Please pray that God will see this project through to fruition.  Include in your prayers that additional funding will actually provide a well digger for the mission.  The money requested was for shipping a digger to the capital (Port-au-Prince), getting it through customs, and then transporting it over very poor roads to the Northwest Zone.  Nothing is easy in Haiti, and only God can work the miracles to accomplish His work in that poverty-stricken country.

Organizing the Haiti Team

In case you're at all interested in going to Haiti with the Calvin team in 2010, an organizational meeting will be held on Sunday, January 17th after church.  See Janene Sonnega ahead of that date for an informational packet about the trip.  A video of last year's trip will be shown at the meeting, a trip date will be determined (either June 14-25, July 3-13, July 19-31, or        August 1-13), and questions will be answered.  Adults and teens are invited to come, and an actual commitment at the time is not expected.  Come and learn more about how to serve God's children through the Northwest Haiti Christian Mission.  

Questions -- call Janene Sonnega at (513)553-3152 (home) or (513)293-4212 (cell).

Also see Photo Collage - Haiti, 2009



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