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Part I:  It started in the 50's


Site of "very first service"

Where were you on May 15th, 1955?  Twenty adults and six children met in an upper room of the Amelia State Bank for the very first service of the Amelia/ Withamsville Presbyterians, as they were referred to then.  They had no minister, but a layman from the Mt. Washington Church preached regularly.  In those days, the schools were filled to overflowing, and the church had to find a new home at the end of the summer because the space was promised to the schools.  Their next (temporary) home was the Upper Clough Civic Club, but when the weather turned cold, they had to leave because they couldn’t keep the place warm. In October, 1955, the Rev. Mr. Schuler began a year of preaching. Their next temporary home was in a house in Amelia, where they worshiped from January 1956.  If any of you old timers know the location of that house, please let me know.


Rev. William Fogg in 1955



The Cincinnati suburbs were exploding with growth in the 1950s, and the Presbytery of Cincinnati was looking at new church development around the city. We were a part of that new church development and well on our way to becoming a church. The two churches that aided us in our development were Knox and Mt. Washington. The Rev. John Cowan was assigned to us as our organizing pastor, and the Rev. William Fogg became our first regular pastor on December 27th, 1956.



Rev. William Fogg

at 50th Year Celebration


On September 22nd, 1957, a ceremony was held in the Amelia Methodist Church where the Presbytery of Cincinnati conferred a charter upon the brand new Calvin Presbyterian Church. We had fifty-five charter members. Among them were Joyce Elliot, Eileen Horvath Thomas and Kate Williams, who still worship with us regularly today.


During this formative period, there were two important property events that helped us get started. The first was the purchase of a house on Oakwood Drive to be used as a manse. In those days it was a common practice for a church to provide a house to its minister. The second event was the donation of six acres of land at our present location by Dr. Milton W. Brown. Sadly, Dr. Brown died in December, 1957, so he did not live to see the church built on his gift of property.



                                NEW BEGINNINGS                      DREAMS FULFILLED

By the end of 1957, the church had formed a building committee, and in March, 1958, ground was broken for our first sanctuary. On October 12th, 1958, the first service was held in the beautiful new building which cost $82,500. The congregation had grown from its original 55 members to 73 by the end of 1958. During the next year, 1959, the congregation almost doubled, and by the end of December the congregation numbered 138. Rev. Fogg and the congregation did an outstanding job of evangelizing to the surrounding community. What a great story and inspiration are those pioneers of fifty years ago who accomplished great things so that we might worship God and enjoy our Christian brothers and sisters here at Calvin Church.

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Home Page: A History of Calvin Church


During 2007, Bob Bridges, our church's resident historian, reminisced about each decade of Calvin’s existence. Although he wasn’t at the church in the ‘50s, he's spoken with many who were. He has pieced together a sketch of those earliest years.In 2010, he updated the church's history.


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