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Calvin Presbyterian Church has a history of preaching the love and word of God. The choir has provided inspiration for worship. The solid tradition of family unity, caring, and sharing Christ’s love to all has been and will continue to be permanent.

September 22, 2007 marked the fiftieth birthday of Calvin Church.

In the months leading up to the anniverary, Bob Bridges, our resident historian, reminisced in the "Caller" about each decade of Calvin’s existence. Although he wasn’t at the church in the ‘50s, he's spoken with many who were, and has pieced together a sketch of those earliest years.

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Part I: It started in the 50's

  • The First Service

  • A New Creation

  • Building a Church



John Cowan,

Organizing Pastor


William H. Fogg,



Bill Fogg

Part II: The Sizzling 60's

  • The Bob Chestnut Years

  • The Paul Milio Years



William Fogg

Robert A. Chesnut,

8/62 - 9/66







Paul J. Milio,





Bob Chesnut




Paul J. Milio


Part III: The 70's

  • A revolting development!

  • From famine to feast

  • It keeps getting better!

  • The Agony and the Ecstasy

  • In the meantime...

  • Mopping up




Richard A. Kranzley,

2/72 - 8/82


Richard Kranzley


Part IV: The Ambivalent Eighties

  • Getting on with Business

  • Inflation Blues

  • 25th Anniversary Shocker

  • Hope Springs Eternal

  • A Church Divided

  • Getting Back on Track


Richard Kranzley


Bart Brenner ( Interim), 10/82-10/83


Bryce McGowan,

10/83 - 6/86



David Black (Interim),

8/86 - 3/89


James E. Bernard,

3/89 - 9/07




Bryce McGowan


David Black

Part V:  1990s: The End of a Century

  • God Bless The PNC

  • Settling In & Stability and Change

  • 1992 - A Year of Change & Growing In the Mid-Nineties

  • Building Mary's House & Goodbye Mortgage (Hello Y2K)







James Bernard










James Bernard


Part VI:  The Turbulent Two Thousands

  • Ring Them Bells

  • The Confessing Church Movement

  • Mission A-Plenty

  • Way Too Much Water

  • When The Roll Is Called

  • Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

  • An update on recent history - 2007 thru 2009

  • What A Fall It Was At Calvin

  • A Christmas present for Calvin




James Bernard





James Steiner (Interim),

3/08 - 8/09




Jim Steiner


Part VI:  2010: New Beginnings

  • 2010: A new year and a new pastor

  • 2011 and a new vision for Calvin

  • Kathleen, we hardly knew ye!

  • And then what happened

  • Welcome, Reverend Good

  • Fellowship Hall restored
  • Mission's important
  • Other doings
  • The Marine has landed-Rev. Kahl
  • Some Musical changes
  • What is our mission?
  • Stability and service
  • Our 57th Birthday

Kathleen B. Haines,

1/10 - 6/11

David Good (Interim)

9/11 - 1/13

Edward Kahl

1/13 - present

Kathleen Haines

Kathleen Haines

David Good

David Good

Edward Kahl

Edward Kahl


What's next? Stayed tuned for more installments in our story!




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