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  • There will be a Congregational Meeting on September 18th to elect officers.
  • The amount of the 2022 Per Capita (per member) is $33.00.

Keeping Up with News


Are you receiving The Caller in the best way for you?

In an effort to save on postage costs and deliver the Caller to everyone in the most convenient way we have implemented two alternatives for receiving the Caller.

  • Via Email. This is the quickest and least costly way for us to keep you informed.

  • Via Snail Mail (US Postal System)

If you are not currently receiving the Caller the way you prefer please let us know.

Updates to the Calvin Caller

The Caller is one of the primary ways that Calvin communicates information, news, prayers, and joys with our members.  As we always want to be working on good communication, we invite you to let us know what you would like to hear about in The Caller.  If you have an idea for an article, a rumor you need more information about, a question you always wondered about, or just need an outlet for your expression of faith, please give us some feedback or content for the Caller.  ANYONE can write an article, pen a poem, draw a picture, or even just pose a question in the Caller.  Just submit your contribution to

Thank you.

Caller Deadline

The due date for articles for the October issue of the Caller is September 25, 2022.

Please send articles to the Newsletter Editor. Thank you!



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