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Building & Grounds Ministry

Completed Items

Street view of church
  • The annual fire extinguisher inspection was done by Silco.
  • Both the upper and lower heating elements were replaced on the hot water heater in Mechanical Room #1.
  • Our sprinkler inspection was completed by Dalmatian.
  • The work on the Handicap door is complete. The sill plate and weather stripping is installed.
  • The outside cross and the frame for the bell have been repainted.

Work in Progress

  • Received a quote to remove and replace all 1st floor carpeting and main stairwell stair treads, install new Bathroom and Foyer vinyl and install vinyl on rise of Main stairwell steps. Note: We will need to see what funds we have remaining after the flood restoration and waterproofing before proceeding with this project.
  • Re-keying the church after water damage repair work is complete. I have all the new keys.
  • We have received a quote to replace the upper chair lift. It was noted in the last inspection that the drive portion of the chair was making grinding noises. Parts are no longer available should it go out.


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