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Admin, Finance & Stewardship Ministry

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Per-capita for 2017 is $30.45. This is the amount of money we will send to presbytery for each Calvin member. Some folks like to write a check to Calvin to help out with that expense. If you would like to do so, bring it on!

In the interest of financial "transparency", I am happy to inform you that in a financial sense, Calvin is doing okay at the moment. Thanks to everybody for keeping their pledges up!

On the topic of thanks, thank you to the "remote" folks. I am referring to those who go to Florida for the Winter and others we just don't see very often. When I sort through the mail, I often see a small envelope (a pledge!) from somebody I haven't seen in while. Thank you for supporting God's mission and staying involved in the life of Calvin church.

And still more thanks… Lots of people have their fingers in the accounting of Calvin's financial pie. We have people who deposit the weekly offering (and our other income); we have the Deacons and each Ministry writing vouchers to get our bills paid; we have people who write the checks (and make the online payments); and we have somebody who generates financial reports that keep track of what happens each month and lets us know how we are doing for the year. Last, but not least (and this is where I was headed with all this), we have people who perform an annual review of all that. The team met last month and reviewed the books and it all looks good


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